The web site has been some days in the making, all done in house.   We made it publicly known the site existed at around 10am this morning.   Since then we’ve had over 1500 visits to the site,  50 people have completed the survey and well over 100 of you have subscribed to the site and will get an email with this message.

Thank you for your support.   We expected the first day to be a busy one and you didn’t disappoint !

Facebook will remain the primary point of contact for day to day communications and comments.   Shortly we hope to import to the site both the Facebook and twitter feeds so whatever goes out on social media can also be seen on the site.   That means posts will be generally available for anyone to see, but not the comments made on them.

We’ll use this blog to post out regular updates without swamping your inbox.   You can comment on these posts and the committee will see them all.

For now,  the committee will continue to pursue every avenue to right the injustice of clawback and will welcome your feedback.

Evening all

3 thoughts on “Evening all

  • 27th March 2018 at 5:43 pm

    I met with some former colleagues for lunch today. One of the ladies who is affected by clawback but not yet a member has said she will take a look at our website tonight.

  • 27th March 2018 at 9:58 pm

    Well done on getting this up and running. I have just completed the survey.

    I don’t know if anyone has seen the Vote on the AGM resolutions. One of them is to allow the Bank to make political donations. It was always my understanding that it was Group policy NOT to make political donations so it looks like a shift in policy. I suspect that political donations would be made to parties that would support legislation that would enable the Bank to continue to apply Clawback. I have voted against this resolution partly for that reason. Members of the campaign may wish to follow suit.

  • 29th March 2018 at 5:00 pm

    I would like to both compliment and thank Sharon and the other members of the campaign committee for their hard work and success in promoting the Midland Clawback Campaign.
    I must admit to a certain scepticism when I first learned of the campaign as I seemed to be one of the minority of DB scheme members who were aware of that the so called State Deduction would be applied upon reaching State Retirement age. I actually “early retired” from the Midland Bank on 31/01/1991 following 13 years service and consequently enjoyed full bank benefit until I stated to receive State Retirement Pension in 2002, when Claw back kicked in.
    Consequently my State Deduction is comparatively modest when compared to other retiring later than I did albeit on higher final salaries.
    To my mind the complete and unequivocal anomaly in this matter is the fact that the same deduction is applied to all salary levels. This totally contradicts the Bank’s allegation that it is fairly applied. Within reason we all get comparable State Retirement Pensions but a DB pension from one’s employer depends on many variables.
    It is also true that many other DB schemes which applied claw back have either removed it altogether or modified it to more reasonable levels. This may result in HSBC becoming isolated in it’s determination to continue applying this arrangement in such a punitive way.
    I repeat that I was initially sceptical of the possibility of success for this campaign but having followed it’s progress and noted HSBC’s obstinacy in refusing to consider amending the scheme terms I can well understand the determination of the campaign to succeed in it’s aims.
    As with most things there are many things to consider and I note that many people have stated that bank salaries were suppressed as employees were lucky enough to be members of a NCDB pension scheme. Whilst accepting this it should also be born in mind that at that time subsidised mortgages were available to staff, holidays for appointed staff were certainly in line with the market and health insurance was part of the package once one had reached the appropriate grade.


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