Watch Nancy Ball #fightforfairness

1 hour 47 Min marks the start

Nancy Ball at the HSBC AGM.

The campaign group staged a protest meeting outside Queen Elizabeth Hall. Just like we did at Birmingham in 2019. We had a great turn out and thank you to our friends at Unite the Union for all of their assistance before and on the day. Most importantly, we stood as a group, asking HSBC to remove Clawback- this devious, immoral way that they use to reduce the amount of pension we should receive to reflect the hard work and commitment we have given the bank.

Watch Nancy Ball lead the #fightforfairness by clicking on the Video that has been provided by HSBC.  You can access the footage directly and you can see what a fantastic leader we have.

Dont forget – you can find Nancy start her question at 1 hour 47 minutes