The Committee

Nancy Ball

Chair – Midland Clawback Campaign

Responsibilities: Ambassador for the campaign and communicating with various people at Horizons, HSBC etc. EHRC. Specialising on Legal aspects and helps provide general committee work

Background: I enjoyed a variety of clerical roles in the branch network in various locations. I joined Change Management Services as part of the road team, working right across the country, offshore and N.Ireland, managing change. This experience led me to Retail Coach and then Lead Retail Coach in the South Midlands.

I went back into the branch network working as Sales and Service Manager in the Oxford Area. I also held the role of Union Rep in the Plymouth Area


Steve Bradbury

Vice Chair – Midland Clawback Group

Responsibilities: for APPG co-ordination, some of the technology bits and pieces, and data analysis of pensions figures. Plus supporting all committee initiatives, and general promotion of Clawback awareness.

Background: Joined 1975 in Manchester, and spent the first 6 years in branch network before moving  across into Operations, including RHO, Area Operations and DSC2. The last 15 years have been as Head Office project and programme management.

Sharon McGeough-Adams

Media & Communications

Responsibilities: Respond to any Press & Media enquiries and raise awareness of the campaign across all media platforms.

Background: Joined 1976 and completed 37 years service in various roles

Neil Ballantyne

Media & Communications

Responsibilities: Raising clawback awareness and assisting any and all committee initiatives

Background: Joined Midland Bank in 1979 in York and worked for 33 years initially in branches and then business/relationship management roles. Redundancy/early retirement in 2012.


Colin Denny

Previous Chair – Midland Clawback Group

Responsibilities: Providing general Support to the committee, organising crowdfunding campaign and responsible for requisitioning a shareholders Special Resolution for HSBC’s AGM in 2022

Background: Joined Midland Bank in1976 in Suffolk, spent 39 years in branch lending before moving into Business Lending as my career progressed.

Shirley Eidman

Facebook and media Administrator Responsibilities: Approving membership of group and media quality checks

Background: 16 years in a secretarial capacity- I finally took early retirement in 1997 – I reached Grade 5 clerical and was also a lending officer and cashier in that time. 

Reasons for joining campaign: I started investigating Clawback when it was applied to my pension in 2007 and after no one was able to explain it to me. I continued research and was contacted by Sharon through the ex employees web page.


Roger George

Treasurer – Midland Clawback Group

Treasurer and general campaigner

Background: Joined Midland Bank in 1977 in Cambridge. Spent time throughout East Anglia, in an RHO, in Uxbridge but nearly half my 37 years in the Agriculture team.

Veronica Wastell

Committee Member – Midland Clawback Group

Liaison with Universities

Background: I joined the committee because I feel so strongly on how badly “the bank” has treated me during the time I worked for them & the financial loss which is looming when I reach SPA.

I’m currently liaising with Bristol & Exeter Universities in the hope that our case will used as part of a student thesis.”