Message from Colin Denny

Held the AGM today and delighted to announce Nancy Ball is taking over as Chair of our campaign.

I’m sure Nancy will be a fantastic figurehead. She’s been excellent standing up and asking questions at past HSBC AGM’s. She has also attended many other meetings, including challenging Horizon’s to be more supportive of our campaign.

Nancy has been closely involved with Roger in understanding the legal situation and been directly involved with the APPG’s referral to the EHRC.

I’m still remaining on the committee as “Past” chair and apologies for asking, but my current focus is fundraising, as I’m keen to build a fighting fund to support a new research project via two law faculties at the University of Exeter and University of Western England.

More details on that in a forthcoming newsletter or you can visit our get involved section.

I’ll then focus on seeking shareholders to again support requisitioning a shareholder Special Resolution, for HSBC’s next AGM (that will be the normal rush in December to comply with the required timescales).

In the meantime here’s the link to the new crowdfunding page, although you can alternatively send money direct to the campaign bank account with Barclays.