Welcome to the Midland/HSBC Pension Clawback campaign site.

Here you will find information and updates about the ongoing campaign that is fighting for fairness for your retirement. We welcome your feedback via the form on the contacts page. By subscribing to the site,  you will get the latest updates via our blog,  emailed directly to you.

Please be aware this is still work in progress, and so changes will continue to take place over the coming days and weeks.

Message from the Committee

This is the website for the campaign against Clawback at HSBC.  Our success may help the discriminated pensioners of other employers as well.

Clawback, or State Pension Integration, which is still misleadingly termed "State Deduction" by HSBC, is grossly unfair to the lower paid, both men and women, but the majority are women.  The lowest paid can have 25% or more clawed back from their pension payments by HSBC, whilst the highest paid will only lose 5% or less.  Is that right ?

Do please complete our survey page and investigate the rest of the site.

Many thanks,  the committee. 


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